Jean Seestadt

Brooklyn, NY

Artist Statement: In my work, I am interested in exploring the fragility of life and the way that fleeting moments become signs and symbols of a life as it is lived.  Through lists, images, and counting, I am trying to capture and interrogate my relationship with my own death.  In addition to this, my connection to the living world is most strongly mediated by my relationship with my twin, as she is what I have completely been attached to my entire life.  Life and Ann go hand and hand.  Through my choice of both materials and subject matter, I try to probe the fragility of life and the ways, often simple and everyday, that we represent living.

“Timeline” is a video in which the milestones of life – both personal and universal –  are typed out and erased on a blank screen. In this work, I reference both lists and countdowns to capture the passage of time and the erasure of this lost time. Each milestone appears and disappears, depicting the the transience of individual moments as they happen and pass into memory.

Bio: Jean Seestadt is a Brooklyn-based artist and an MFA student at Hunter College.  Seestadt hails from Minneapolis, MN and received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007. Her work has been exhibited in United States and Europe, including shows in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Umbria, and Oxford, England.  She has been reviewed in several publications including the Huffington Post and Brooklyn Street Art.