Yikui Gu


The Debaucherous 2014 Oil, Acrylic, and Marker on Canvas 42 x 42 inches

I Bomb Atomically 2014 Oil, Acrylic, and Marker on Canvas 72 x 50 inches

Art/WorkStatementContactBio/Resume(c) 2007-2014 Yikui GuYikui (Coy) Gu painting art Leviathan 2014 Oil on Canvas 72 x 40 inches

The Big Island 2013 Oil on Canvas 60 x 36 inches

Adirondacks 2013 Oil on Canvas 16 x 30 inches

Trying to help 2012 Oil on Canvas 60 x 36 inches


Undercarriage 2012 Oil on Canvas 80 x 66 inches (diptych)

The Bathers 2011 Oil on Canvas 66 x 40 inches



The spaces between order and chaos, sincerity and irony, or design and chance are the most interesting to explore. Is there a clear demarcation that separate each territory, or a gradual spectrum from one to the other? Can an idea or artwork be both or neither? Must everything always have a binary relationship? My works are an attempt to ask these questions while using visual elements from global geo-politics, sneakerhead culture, found internet imagery, Ikea catalogues, personal photos, and art historical references.