Catherine Newman

Harlem, NY


Tilted Tea Table- Oil on Canvas, 30 X 24in., 2013



Chippendale Mahogany Side Chair- Oil on Canvas, 24 X 18 in., 2013,


Epoque Louis XVI Fauteuils- Oil on Canvas, 24 X 30 in., 2013


Federal Carved Mahogany Pier Table- Oil on Canvas, 24 X 30 in., 2012


Federal Inlaid Mahogany Sideboard- Oil on Canvas, 18 X 24 in., 2013

Bio: I moved to New York City after graduate school at the Maryland Institute College of Art. While painting consistently over the years I have supported myself by working in film, television and the music business in New York. In the 1980s and 90s, I participated in dozens of group exhibitions in Soho and the Lower East Side including ABC No Rio, Public Image Gallery, White Columns and Stephen Rosenberg Gallery among many others. Currently, as a decade-long resident of Harlem I have had the opportunity to exhibit regularly throughout the neighborhood including a solo show in 2012 at Chashama 461, a two-person show in 2013 at Casa Frela and also many group shows at Casa Frela Gallery and the annual Strivers Row Art Circuit.

Artist Statement: My current series of Furniture Portraits grew directly from my self-portraits of 2009 – 2010. Having never tackled a self-portrait before, it became an exercise in pure seeing, then forgetting the content and context of my subject matter. The more I stopped thinking the more was revealed. My furniture paintings continue this practice.

The paintings portray objects rich in formal structure and allusions to another time or place. They are not however, paintings of nostalgia or of “antiques.” What is seen are beautiful furnishings recording and expressing my daily observations of color, light, shadow and form. The exposed air-space and mysterious natural light seek a harmony and balance between what is physical and what is intangible. Warm silence is the sound heard in the interior and along with the viewer’s participation the visual / spiritual message is complete.