Short Stories

Legally Ted is the story of a parole who is just barely able to keep his cool until he meets Ted in a Group and has to contend with guilt, despair,  regret, rage, Clock-work Orange-like treatment systems, retro-reunion revival bands, the profound differences between Styx and Journey and his own diminishing hopes for redemption.

Currently an online audio version of Legally Ted is available at The Dirty Napkin.

Grinding Machines is the story of a desperate man offered a chance at freedom through the retelling, by a cagy Gurkha, of the conversion of the great Tibetan saint Milarepa though in a decidedly modern way. The protagonist must choose his path as they discuss scorpions, the Pinkertons, black magic, revenge, sexual politics, pension plans, the Chinese invasion of Tibet, and the recursive nature of revenge over cheap whiskey and Bollywood movies.

Grinding Machines will be published by The Gettysburg Review in the fall of 2012.

The Great Game is the story of Sonam Singh, an Indian Sherlock Holmes who uses Hindu logic to solve crimes in the ancient city of Varanasi. He’s assisted by his Hindu Watson who works among the city’s riverside burial pyres and his long-suffering wife, Parvati.

Sonam is a postal worker for the British during the Raja and often travels to the distant realms of that doomed empire to solve his most difficult cases. In the process he also investigate the nature of the British culture that colonized much of the East, the Indian culture that tried to rally to the challenge as well as various Russians, French Sikh, Gurkha and freelance American Americans with stories all their own.

Bottleneck is the story of a polyamorous female ornithologist who collects male specimens as she travels researching the Bottleneck hypothesis, the idea that the human race was winnowed to a mere few thousand people after an incredible worldwide catastrophe. These survivors then experienced a period of incredible ingenuity, fertility, aggression, mobility and aggression. As the pressures of her work, past, science, sexuality and heart-break increase the possibility of her own bottleneck becomes increasingly likely.

Break is the story of two men, one fighting for his future and the other trying to escape his past discussing food, the elusive nature of truth, the mutability of the past, the proper way to cook roast beef, William Tell, the fallibility of polygraph machines, loss, Kerouac and why non-caffientated coffee can be a good idea in extreme situations. Read “Break” here..

Jordan is the story of a man on the run, stopped by a car crash and forced to confront his own failings with the help of his maternal  grandmother, a kind inn-keeper and an Asian couple as his life hangs in the balance.

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